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Cuff Corleone

Atelier : Our Little Beauties

Single Corleone ear cuff

This is a single ear cuff, it is sold as 1 unit and doesn't come as a pair

This is a sliding earring and doesn't require your ears to be pierced.

18k gold plated

Diameter : 0.4"

width: 0.14"

Adepte jewelry is made in our workshop in Toulouse - South of France 

More info needed ? Some more pictures ?
If you need any additional information, a picture with this jewel worn or anything else, feel free to contact us by instagram or through our contact form.

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Jewelry care

It is recommended that you remove your jewelry when you are sleeping and when you are doing any physical or manual activity. We recommend that you store them in a bag or box to protect them from light, humidity and possible shocks.

However, if you have a problem with your jewelry, do not hesitate to contact us.

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