Our Little Beauties

Ear cuff

Sublimating the beauty...

"Sublimating the beauty of the modern, independent and assumed woman"

When launching the first collection of Adepte jewelery in 2016, Albane and Bertrand whished to show their vision of jewellery and of the woman.

A free, modern, independent woman who proudly assumes herself and claims her status!

The fine and refined lines of Adepte jewelery sublimate this woman, give her that little push that helps her to blossom, to feel good in her time and in her body.

An Adepte jewel is a charming asset, a detail that reveals beauty and brings that little extra dose of self-confidence.

The woman we love and respect is our main source of inspiration.


Adepte, a young and committed brand

Driven by deep values, the entire team is committed to the brand's philosophy based on equity honesty, respect and transparency.

By positioning itself alongside its clients, Adepte gives meaning to its activities. The team mainly  composed of women is the driving force behind this commitment.


A durable jewel,

Made in our workshop in Toulouse, south of France, Adepte jewelery is made from quality materials: gold plated, silver plated and natural gemstones.

From design to manufacture, we don’t make any compromise to the quality and durability of our collections. Fresh water resistant, our jewellery is built to last. We provide all our customers with a one-year warranty on each piece.


Succumb without feeling guilty,

The price of each piece of jewelery must reflect its complexity, the time needed to make it, the cost of materials used. We set fair prices, real prices!

Our only desire is to help you fall in love with our little beauties!

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